Cold Week!

Glad to see some new posts on here again.  We had the coldest week of the year this week.  I think it actually got down into the teens one night and I think I might have seen a piece of snow fall from the sky on Friday!  Can’t wait for spring!

Not much new in our lives.  Here are some recent pics.




Field trip to Sauganash!

Last week I went with Eliza’s class to a nearby forest preserve to explore and observe nature. We had a beautiful day. It was in the thirties and no wind. There was snow on the ground so we were able to find lots of great animal tracks and we saw 5 deer. It was beautiful!




The guy playing guitar is Mr Leki. He is the Ecology teacher and teaches the kids an amazing amount about nature. He also sings songs about Chicago and nature with the kids that he writes himself. They love him!

Welcome to Chiberia!

image image image imageimageWe had a blizzard come through on Sunday Feb 1 and it dumped over a foot of snow on us!! our van is stuck in our garage because the city doesn’t plow the alleys. We are hoping some kind soul comes through with their truck and plow just to be neighborly. For now we are stuck. D went to work on the train but the kids are home from school. It’s sunny and still out today so they spent a couple hours playing in the snow today. It’s beautiful out.