Merrrry Chr— Errr – Happy Halloween!!

brrrrrrrr.  Well it was a SNOWY Halloween in Chicago.  Yes, SNOW!!! (no chuckling or gloating allowed, Darren and Erin!!!)  ugh.  You can’t tell in this picture but it was snowing and incredibly windy and COLD.  We still went out and got lots of candy though. Our neighborhood is super fun and involved in Halloween.  We even got chased by some zombies giving out full-sized candy bars! ha.

photo-2 copyEvangeline was Elsa (we blamed her for the icy weather), Eliza was green grapes (with a sword thrown in for interest – warrior grapes?), and Abe was a black bat (he had wings but you can’t tell in this photo).  Josie was an Indian princess but she’s too cool for us and went trick or treating with friends so I don’t have a picture of her.  Oh, and Cider was Dogzilla.  He loved his costume (NOT!).  Missed you all this Halloween!


The only thing better than one puppy? TWO PUPPIES!

As if one puppy isn’t cute enough, we spent the night at Lisa and Brent’s on Saturday night and they had just gotten their new puppy that day.  The pups are only 6 days apart and they had a lot of fun playing and snuggling (and pottying) together.  Jessie is a golden retriever and Cider is a golden/poodle mix and seeing them together really shows you the difference in their coats! Oct18,2014-19


Somehow Jessie always ended up on top of Cider.  She really put him in his place.  haha




Puppy News

Well it has been one week since we brought Cider home (this name won the vote by a landslide).  He is doing great.  He was crate trained in only two days and sleeps great at night.  He only cried one night.  He is laid back and loves playing with the kids.  He seems to take our family’s chaos in stride.  We are really enjoying him!

photo 1

photo 2